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Links for @2nipun 

Thread by @morganknutson -

This is an excellent read on the pathos in Google from the point of view of a designer. It’s a twitter thread, so I’ve linked threadviews instead.

There are two services I’ve seen that collect threads on twitter. I wonder which one you’d prefer -




Now that Workflow has been relabeled as Shortcuts, there are websites popping up that deal with sharing the same -



People are really loving the dot app domains, it seems!

We were having a conversation around offline reading, PDFs, notes, annotations and the such recently. I’ve been looking at Polar for a while now. Worth downloading and using?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Amazon’s recent wage increase shows the drawbacks of a universal $15 minimum 

“Amazon employees could suddenly be making more than nurses”

This is such a BS thing to say. It’s like saying “your company is doing something to prevent global warming, but this other company isn’t, so your company will end up doing more harm than good.”

Amazon can lead by example here. It should.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

How to make Bubble Tea - No Music 

My new favorite YouTube channel - Peaceful Cuisine.

The last thing I truly liked on YouTube/Netflix was Slow TV and it’s amazing train journeys.

This channel is just as therapeutic. The sounds in the No Music versions are all just the chopping, pouring, scooping of the ingredients. It’s amazing!!

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Witchy Comic » Page 289 

This is a beautiful and sad page. This story is so raw and the protagonist is so reluctant to be the hero we all easily make these characters often out to be.

Why it’s hard to read the time on Infograph – 

Open this door, Apple.

Could not agree more. From the moment the first watch came out, my brother and I agreed that Apple needs to open the platform to third party watch faces. NOT giving us this option is just negligence on Apple’s part and a clear disrespect for both consumer choice and developer capabilities.

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This is the first I’ve seen this feed reader, I think. Reeder supports this using the Fever API. It’s both awesome and daunting that so many feed readers out there support the Fever API when Fever is both dead, and had a rather cumbersome API to begin with (it would download the entire block of RSS feed items in one set).

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Press This « WordPress Codex 

When I use Press This sometimes I get a “NOT FOUND” page. I just change the address from u=http%3A%2F%2F to u= and it works fine. I do notice I have to copy and paste the new address in a new tab in firefox when doing this.

Press This « WordPress Codex

Testing this with a bunch of different solutions. Might work.

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