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December 10 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Find your Facebook friendswholiketrump.com

Yup, this is the easiest way to find out which of your Facebook friends like Trump... On Facebook... Because that's definitely an indicator of their politics.

November 20 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Now that's a Rap Battle! Hermione vs Katniss

Hermione wins hands-down.

November 20 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Google Tips page

Google has made a comprehensive tips app for all their products and services across the board. Interesting. But is it really needed?

November 11 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Thank you #Apple, for we can finally #sideload apps now. #jailbreak

Ooooh... Flux. Sideload. Free. Yes, this is a win! I love iOS 9 :) 

October 8 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

How to live a much, much better life.

Mark Manson is, from today, one of my favorite inspirational writers, along with Leo Babauta of zenhabits and Maria Popova of brainpickings. He knows, just simply, knows how to live a better life and I'm ever so thankful to him for writing it all down in this wonderful article. Everyone should read it (ok, maybe not kids) because everyone needs a big dose of Mark's thinking.

September 24 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Awesome Windows HTTP Client? Check.

If you're looking for a Windows HTTP Client that's simple to use but is still very awesome? Look no further than "I'm Only Resting". It's perfect and it's opensource and it's free. Need I say anything else?

July 10 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

PlaylistBuddy: Convert Spotify playlists to YouTube

Yesssssssss. I needed something like this. I'm bored of Spotify ever since I let go of that Premium account. Glad to find something that let me break that awesome personal playlist I built out of Spotify.

June 22 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Time Bandits: A really good movie I remember from my childhood

I've been looking for this movie since forever! I remembered a movie I'd seen long ago, in which a kid or bunch of kids (1 child + dwarves actually) are crossing a desert and come across a glass wall blocking their path and break it using a skull and an entire dark world is behind it. Well, this is it. The trailer even has the scene I've been looking for! And boy am I glad to see that -

a) it has a good rating and

b) it has an array of really great actors in the movie, which means that even when I saw it as a child, it was not a bad movie to watch at all!

June 16 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

e-Ink Keyboard FTW!

This here is a bluetooth e-Ink keyboard that can be reconfigured to any variety of shortcuts, formats and layouts. I've always thought that something like this should exist, so I can play with a Dvorak layout for a bit and then quickly come back to QWERTY if I need to. The keyboard is also backlit, so it's wonderful for night use.

But (and there's always a but in such cases), the price is ridiculous. $300 retail and $200 pre-order does not a well priced keyboard make. I guess my wait for a dynamic keyboard has not finished yet.

May 5 2015 (Click to view or comment on post)

Trianglify: algorithmically generated triangle art

This here is a pretty neat tool. Works with nodejs or regular JS and lets the browser create triangle art on the go, to be used as site background, new user profile image etc. Pretty neat stuff! There's even a tool to generate and download custom images. I have a feeling I'll be using this in my next personal web project.