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December 6 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

"changing the Mac interface to work well with touch would (I say) ruin it for use with a mouse pointer."

This is such a simple idea. Don't bend the interface to the hardware to the detriment of some other hardware. Why did Microsoft not understand this simple idea? They've completely ruined Windows 10 because of their big elements and their Siri Cortana integration. So many times, I see people scrolling through excel sheets by touching the screen. It works. It really does. But then, it fails when they need to stop. Apple currently understands this, but with the way iOS 11 and the latest OS X have come out and crashed and burned, I see no reason for them to continue understanding. They're faultering. So it goes.

November 22 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

I also got a popsocket 😊

This is a delicious piece about this marvel out of Boulder!

November 21 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

Pi Hole is your Adblocking DNS

We all need one at home. I'm gonna set it up soon. Need this to start blocking the crap that comes into my home network.

October 25 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

BSAG goes back to Bristol

I really enjoyed reading this story. There are some wonderful lines in there and it almost feels like I'm peering into a pensieve, looking at what she saw and what she felt. I love how there's a connection between the little dun ghost and Pullman's daemons! :) 

October 18 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

Paul Ford's 20th year post is perfectly imperfect

In the spirit of this thing I won't be editing this paragraph.

That is the most beautiful paragraph in the post. It's pure arrogance to think blog writing can survive any better than any other form of writing we've mastered. 


I've surbscribed to the blog, but the last entry was in 2013, so I don't have a lot of hope for it. I've also subbed to the TinyLetter email sub. There's good writing, and then there's useful writing. I think Paul knows the difference.

October 5 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

MS Edge coming to iPhones. Good!

I was only recently reading a comment by someone that one drawback to using Microsoft's default browser is that it's not available on iOS devices. This plugs that gap, hopefully. I'm writing this from a Windows 10 laptop, but I can't sign up to get access to the beta of the iOS app because I'm not a Windows Insider. I guess I'll just wait for GA.

October 5 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

iOS and OSX broken in many, many ways.

Wonder why...

October 3 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

Sublime Text 2 is magic. It can do anything.

I can't believe how powerful this tool is sometimes.

September 27 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

lol! 280 for everyone

Can't believe twitter is stupid enough to leave it all to client-side validation. Well, we've had our fun - https://twitter.com/nitinthewiz/status/913177726420262912

August 3 2017 (Click to view or comment on post)

Day One Chrome and Safari extensions are out!

Finally! Not being able to post to DayOne from Windows was becoming too much of a pain! Glad they've launched these extensions. Also interesting to note that they've now denoted grandfathered accounts as "Plus" accounts, of which I am one, it seems.